Frequently Asked Questions



How are the booking fees calculated?

We’ve intentionally kept our booking fees simple and transparent to allow you to focus on the fun bits – sharing your event!


We add a 10% booking fee to the face value of your ticket. This means if you choose to price your ticket at £10, we would charge your customer £11 – get it?


1.4% + 20p of this - so in this example, 34p - goes to Stripe who safely allow us to process payments on Bringz. The remainder of this helps us keep our lights on and improve on helping you bring your awesome experiences to the masses.


As our booking fee is an additional fee, we pass the fee onto the fans – we do not take a cut of your revenue.

Oh yeah – and of course we don’t take booking fees on ‘free’ tickets!


How do I get paid for the tickets I sell?

We understand how important reputation and security is to your fans. Because of this, we use Stripe to enable you to securely take payments for your tickets. Find out more about how Stripe works with marketplaces like ours here:

Once logged in, you can sign up for/ connect your Stripe account in the Settings – Payment section of our website. This also allows you to send receipts to your fans and keep track of your revenue payment schedule. In addition to this, we’re able to take our booking fee (that keep our lights on) without interfering with your money.

It’s imperative that you connect your Stripe account to Bringz or your event will not be made live (as you’ll be unable to receive your money!).


Can I create events directly from the Bringz iPhone app?

No – events can only be created on our online web platform. If you want to create and share your awesome event start here:



How do I access my ticket?

You can view all the tickets registered for/ purchased by tapping the ‘Tickets’ tab (tab on the far right of the bottom navigation bar) and tapping on the corresponding event.


With Bringz you just need to show your mobile ticket on the door and once scanned by the organiser, you’re ready to have a good time!


Don’t forget:

  • to always bring your I.D. 
  • Some shows require you to collect a paper ticket/ wristband/ t-shirt at the venue’s Box Office before entering. This should be explicitly noted in the description of the event.


Can I use a screenshot of my ticket or confirmation email to get into the gig?

Screenshots of your tickets are not accepted as valid Bringz tickets for security reasons (only electronic ticket are accepted).


If you do not show up with a ticket on your phone then we cannot guarantee your entry to the event. However there may be scope to check you in on an I.D. basis if the organiser has a guest list present.


Can I book tickets on your website

You can only register for events and buy tickets by downloading the Bringz app from the App Store. Click here to download it now.


The name on the ticket is incorrect. Can I change the name?

All order details (such as name, email and ticket ID) are final and we cannot make any amendments on any order.


If there are any issues pertaining to ticket details perhaps try reaching out to the event organiser. If you do not receive a solution, reach out to us on the below email and we’ll try our best to helps.


How do I get a refund?

All events are organised and managed by Third Party Event Organisers. We can’t process refunds without authorisation from the event organisers directly. To obtain a refund, you need to contact the event organiser directly.


If you are still struggling to obtain a response from the organiser, please drop a line to and we shall respond within 24 hours.


Can someone else go to the event instead of me?

If you can’t attend the event but your friends or family can (or if you’re planning to purchase tickets as a gift for someone), please get in touch with our customer support team before proceeding to book.


I have a question about an event. Who do I contact?

All events are organised and managed by Third Party Event Organisers, queries regarding event details should be directed to the event organiser


How do I get in contact with an event organiser?


Organisers usually have their contact details and email in the description of their event however if there aren't any apparent details and you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us at


Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Not at all – with Bringz there are no hidden fees, in fact we’re pretty transparent!

We add 10% on the face value of every ticket. 1.4% + 20p of this goes to Stripe (our payment gateway that allows us to process your payments in a safe and secure way) and the rest goes to keeping the lights on so that you can continue to enjoy great live experiences!


What do I do if an event is cancelled?

An event cannot be completely cancelled until all tickets are refunded, so if it's announced that an event is cancelled, rest assured we're working hard with the organiser to get you more information (on a possible rescheduling, changed venue ETC), or we're already processing a direct refund!


My payment has been declined but the monies have left my account.

If you receive a notice saying of your purchase being declined, rest assure you that payment has not be taken. That said, your bank may see this as a "pending charge". This usually rectifies itself in a matter of hours, if this doesn’t happen however, please contact your bank.


My payment has been declined but the monies have left my account.

You can contact our team by dropping a line We aim to respond to all queries within 24 hours but why not help us help you by including the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Email Address/ Account/ Facebook Email Address
  • Event Name or Ticket Reference (if applicable)
  • and further detail on the issue